Moscow welcomes final settlement of Peru-Ecuador dispute
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Moscow welcomes a new stride in the realisation of accords on a final settlement of the Peruvian-Ecuadorian territorial differences: the finalisation of the demarcation of the once-disputed section of the border between Peru and Ecuador, said a Russian Foreign Ministry communique made available to Itar-Tass on Thursday. The communique emphasised that "thereby, the two countries have set a good example to the world as to how any most complex conflicts can be successfully settled by politico-diplomatic methods without the use of force. This is particularly important in the current no easy international situation". "Russia, which invariably favours a peaceful resolution of international conflicts and disputes, has also contributed as much as it could to normalising Peruvian-Ecuadorian relations," the communique said. The Russian Foreign Ministry expressed readiness to continue to develop friendly relations and versatile cooperation with Peru and Ecuador, including participation in specific projects for the economic development of areas located on the Peruvian-Ecuadorian border.

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