Chernomyrdin to make official visit to Chile in 1998
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Russian First Deputy Prime Minister Boris Nemtsov has passed letters of the Russian president and premier over to Chilean President Eduardo Frei and informed him of the intention of Viktor Chernomyrdin to make an official visit to Chile in 1998. "Viktor Chernomyrdin will make an official visit to Chile in 1998 and it will be a notable event because not a single Russian governmental delegation visited Chile in the 20th century," Nemtsov told Russian correspondents when commenting on his negotiations with Frei. The negotiations focused on the encouragement of mutual investments. In the words of Nemtsov, a draft agreement on the protection of investments and a draft agreement on the interaction of the Chilean and Russian Central Banks to simplify mutual payments will work for this. Nemtsov also commented on his meeting with President of the Association of Chilean Pension Funds Mr. Corona. Russia is rather interested in the Chilean experience of a pension reform although it cannot be precisely repeated on the Russian soil, Nemtsov said. Asked why he did not meet General Pinochet, Nemtsov said he would "meet people who carried out the Chilean economic reform tomorrow. I am interested in them, people involved in economics, and not General Pinochet who just provided for a political order to what was happening." Asked by Itar-Tass whether Nemtsov would take part in the government report to the president, the first vice-premier said he did not think he would because "the president did not have claims to my work and the work of departments I supervised, and the government report was likely to take place at a time Nemtsov would still be on a trip to Latin America."

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